Sports Memorabilia - Jerseys

A sports jersey is a popular item to frame in a shadow box.  Often these jerseys have been autographed by the individual player or even all the players on the sports team.  Other items relating to the player and/or team are often included in the shadow box, such as hockey pucks, game tickets, photographs, etc.

Some information you should know when framing sports jerseys:

  • Jerseys are not manufactured with framing in mind.  Often they are uneven and the logo has been sewn on crooked.  While Haverstock Creative Designs makes every effort to attach the jersey so that it looks as straight and even as possible, there are some things that just can't be adjusted.
  • A 'form insert' is made from a sheet of 4 ply archival matboard to fit inside the body (and sometimes the sleeves) of the jersey.  This helps keep the jersey flat and provides excellent support to prevent sagging over time.  A combination of hand-sewing and nylon tags are used to attach the jersey to the background matboard.
  • Jerseys are often quite large, but with some creative folding, they can usually fit in a frame that is no bigger than 32"x40", thus keeping the frame from becoming oversized.
  • If you have any input on where the jersey is signed, make sure that it is signed in an area that won't be covered if a portion of the jersey has to be folded.  Close to the centre of the jersey is usually the best area for signatures so that they won't be covered by folded sleeves, etc.
  • Most jersey 'fabric care' labels indicate "Do not iron", so it is best to try to keep the jersey as wrinkle-free as possible prior to framing (i.e. lay flat or hang on a hanger).  While some wrinkles may disappear when the jersey is stretched around the form insert, some wrinkles can still be noticeable.
  • Choosing a glazing with UV protection is highly recommended when framing sports jerseys, especially if the jersey has been autographed.  Often autographs have been made using 'Sharpie' pens, and although Sharpies are labelled as a permanent marker, they are not fade proof. So, choosing a glazing with UV protection will really help to slow down any fading which can occur.  Also, if possible, it is best to use a pen with pigmented ink rather than a 'Sharpie' when getting autographs as pigmented ink will not fade as easily.