Multi-Generation Military and Police Shadow boxes

I had the pleasure and honour to work on a series of 6 shadow boxes for a customer recently.  They spanned multi-generations of his family and showcased military and police memorabilia belonging to his family members... his grandfather’s and great uncle’s WWI military memorabilia, an uncle’s WWII military memorabilia, his father’s and another uncle’s military and police memorabilia, and his own police memorabilia.

Some original photographs were used.  Other photos were scanned, re-sized and had some photo restoration done on them.

All the shadowboxes used the same Peterboro Matboard’s black designer suede mats, Tru Vue’s conservation clear glass (with 99% UV protection), and mouldings from Roma Moulding.

Grandfather’s military memorabilia shadowbox...  various pins and his medal rack.

Great uncle’s WWI military memorabilia... He was killed in action and his family received the WWI Bronze Memorial Plaque (or Dead Man’s Penny).   The plaque was mounted with 4 formed rods, covered in shrink tube and painted to blend in with the colour of the bronze plaque.  Also included was his medal rack.

Close up of the mounted Memorial Plaque

Uncle’s WWII military memorabilia...  He was killed in action and his widow received the Memorial Cross (or Silver Cross).  Also included were a cap badge, engraved ID bracelet and his medal rack.

Uncle’s military and police memorabilia... Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery (RCA) cap badge, mini RCA photo frame, 2 police badges and his medal rack.

Father’s military and police memorabilia... Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment patch, badges and pins, Halifax Special Police and Halifax Bailiff Police badges, and his medal rack.

Customer’s own police memorabilia... badges, crests, rank insignia, Office of the Chief medallion, ribbon bar, full-size and miniature size medal racks.  He wanted to be able to access his medals to wear on special occasions, so the shadow box was designed so that he could easily access his medals racks from the back of the frame.

View of the back of the frame where the medals are accessible via a trap door.

Before and After shots of some of the photos needing photo restoration...