One of our specialties is designing shadow boxes for military memorabilia.  It is the perfect way to honour and remember our veterans or showcase your own military career memorabilia.   A military shadow box can be as simple as displaying just medals; or it can be enhanced by including photographs, badges, buttons, dog tags, epaulets, or even an item as unique as a Morse Code key.   We can even design the shadow box so that the medals are accessible, which is a great feature for those customers who want to display their medals but also need to wear them on special occasions.

This type of shadow box is also appropriate for framing memorabilia from firefighters and members of the police force.  At Haverstock Creative Designs, we can help you sort through your memorabilia and create a shadow box that will become a treasured family heirloom.

Please visit our photo galleries to view examples of the many interesting military shadow boxes that we have designed.


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