Fabric wrapped mats and liners...

There is simply nothing more luxurious and elegant looking as a hand-wrapped fabric mat, liner or fillet.   Fabric can add warmth, depth and texture to a piece of artwork.   Haverstock Creative Designs now offers fabric wrapping as part of our custom framing designs.  With hundreds of different fabrics  (including linens, silks, faux leathers, suedes, satins, cottons, etc.) from which to choose, the design possibilities are endless.

The most common way to wrap liners with fabric is to wrap the entire length of the liner, then chop it to size and join; just like any moulding.   However, this method can lead to slight fraying at the corner mitres.  A more custom look can be achieved by either using the end-wrapping or no seams methods.

When a liner is end-wrapped, the liner moulding is first cut to size, then each leg is wrapped individually, including the mitred ends.  Finally, the wrapped legs are joined together.  This type of wrapped liner is also known as an upholstery wrap.

When a liner is wrapped with the no seams method, the liner moulding is cut to size and joined.  Any slight gaps or imperfections in the mitred corners are filled and sanded to provide a smooth base for the piece of fabric. Then the assembled liner is wrapped with a single piece of fabric, providing a seamless look, just like a wrapped mat.





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