There are numerous different design features that can be incorporated into your framing package:

We carry wood mouldings by Fotiou, Roma, Larson-Juhl, Michaelangelo, and Sunset; metal mouldings by Nielson Bainbridge, and mouldings from Framerica.

We carry a wide selection of archival mat boards, including:  Nielson Bainbridge Alpharag and Alphamat Artcare, Peterboro Conservation, and some Crescent Rag mats.

We also offer a variety of glazing options, including: regular clear glass, Tru Vue Conservation Clear (blocks 99% UV rays), Tru Vue Reflection Control (non-glare), Tru Vue Conservation Reflection Control (non-glare, blocks 99% UV rays), and the best glass currently on the market, Tru Vue Museum Glass.  This last type of glass, Museum Glass, blocks 99% of damaging UV light, has the lowest possible reflection (1% light reflection) and has the highest light transmission on the market (96% light transmission).  We've nick-named Museum Glass the 'invisible glass' since it looks like there is no glass at all in the frame.

Please note that the UV protection glazing doesn't completely prevent fading of the artwork as there are other wavelengths in the light spectrum that can cause fading; but it will definitely help slow down the fading process.  That is why we recommend hanging your frame out of direct sunlight even if you have chosen glazing with UV protection.

Re-framing can give a new life to an old piece of artwork!

It is amazing what a new frame and/or mat(s) can do to a piece of artwork.  It can literally change the whole image of the piece.  Look at the difference between the 'before' and 'after' frames for these original oil paintings.


                       before                                                          after


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